We’ve been on a mission to empower women since we started in 2018. Through our marketing network, we’ve entrusted hundreds of single mothers with ownership of the MIMONE brand, empowering them to live boldly & compassionately while giving them the confidence, connection and recognition they need to truly feel great about themselves.

We’ve been a part of everyday skincare routines through the exceptional skincare products we’ve created that target a wide range of skincare concerns. Our promise is simple - we create natural skincare products for women with the best natural ingredients to give your skin its most radiant natural glow.  We’ve partnered with dermatological scientists to bring innovative formulas to life. Our products are entirely formulated in New Zealand, a country we believe possesses the cleanest, freshest and most natural beauty - the inspiration behind every one of our products.


In 2020, we opened our first MIMONE Spa, an award-winning relaxation haven that delivers a unique skin pampering experience with a range of services that aim to provide complete relaxation of the body as well as the mind. The spa includes top-to-toe experiences for skincare health such as massages, manicures & pedicures, as well as prenatal & postnatal treatments. Our second outlet in Kepong introduces a brand new speakeasy spa concept that’s inspired by the rare natural beauty of Santorini.

MIMONE Spa is now available in 3 locations: Bangsar, Kepong, and the latest addition being Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Our 4th outlet in TTDI is due to launch in September 2022.

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Cindy Kok, Debbie Yap

Our Founders

MIMONE was established by Debbie Yap and Cindy Kok. For the beauty duo, their ethos has always been to serve, support and empower other women.

Before founding the brand, Debbie was a single mother of four children. She recalls the feeling of being inundated with the unknown had suddenly become the sole provider for her children, but she never forgets the support she received from other women during the time. She is an ambitious and independent lady to raise her children and family. Her philosophy of life is “never stop learning in life”. And founded MIMONE, they vowed to dedicate their work to encouraging women and other single mothers to be the drivers of their own futures, finances and families.

Cindy is an ambitious, independent, and strong lady. She has experienced various careers abroad and put emphasis on corporate management and marketing. Her philosophy of life is “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

From Left: Cindy Kok, Debbie Yap