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Exfoliating Body Glove

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MIMONE Exfoliating Body Glove is our secret to achieving a soft and glowing complexion. The reusable glove gives you a deep exfoliation and hydration when used with MIMONE Q10 Essence Gel Mask (after melting), alternatively with only water.
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Naturally removes dead skin and impurities
  • Unclogs pores and ingrown hairs
  • Reduces strawberry legs and keratosis pilaris
  • Fade scars and even skin tone
  • Treats body acne
  • Promotes collagen and cell turnover
  • Treats dry skin

Please note: Visible skin peeling depends on your skin type and skin cycle. If you don’t see the big skin peeling, don’t worry! You're still achieving fantastic exfoliation and doing greatness for your skin!

Recommend Usage: We recommend exfoliating 1-2x per week. Do not use any other exfoliator while using our MIMONE Exfoliating Body Glove.


Pour a small amount of soap or body wash onto the gloves and rub over the body in circular movements.

Use two to three times a week for maximum effect.

Regular exfoliating and massaging can help tone and firm the skin. Rinse after use and hang to dry.


Gentle Exfoliation, Radiant Transformation


By removing the top layer of dead skin cells, exfoliating gloves can improve the absorption of skincare products, allowing moisturizers, serums, and treatments to penetrate more effectively

The buildup of dead skin cells can make your skin look dull. Exfoliating gloves can help combat this and restore a vibrant and youthful appearance

Compared to disposable exfoliating products, such as wipes or pads, exfoliating gloves are more environmentally friendly as they generate less waste

Frequently Asked Questions

What are exfoliating gloves, and how do they work?

Exfoliating gloves are skincare tools designed to physically exfoliate the skin. They are typically made of textured or abrasive fabric, and when used with a cleanser or body scrub, they help remove dead skin cells and impurities through friction and gentle abrasion

How often should I use exfoliating gloves?

The frequency of use depends on your skin type and sensitivity. For most people, using exfoliating gloves 2-3 times a week is a good starting point. Adjust the frequency based on how your skin responds. Avoid daily use, as it may lead to over-exfoliation and irritation

Can I use exfoliating gloves on my face?

Exfoliating gloves are generally too abrasive for facial skin, which is more delicate than body skin. Instead, use a gentler exfoliating product specifically designed for the face, such as a facial scrub or exfoliating cleanser