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Jan 23,2024 | MIMONE

[KUALA LUMPUR, JANUARY 19, 2024] – MIMONE, a Spa & Wellness brand renowned for its commitment to shaping the wellness standard and elevating lifestyle excellence, proudly announces the grand opening of its fifth outlet in Kuala Lumpur.


Spanning over 3400 square feet, this expansive outlet, located at TRION @ KL, Jalan Dua, Jalan Chan Sow Lin, introduces a new service – Halotherapy in a salt covered room. This service is also suitable for young children, pregnant ladies and elderly. When inhaled, this fine salt is helpful to thin mucus and relieve respiratory health. When contact with skin, salt has anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial effects, hence improving the skin condition and increasing moisture level. Lastly, it is helpful to reduce stress levels and boost daytime energy. In addition to the Salt Room, MIMONE's TRION @ KL Building outlet also features the renowned Japan Hydrogen Healing Spa, which was first introduced in their TTDI outlet, and has amazing healing benefits to individuals that are looking to improve their skin conditions. Using a specially made machine from Japan, billions of hydrogen bubbles are generated and remain in the water for hours. These hydrogen bubbles are smaller than our skin cells, allowing them to penetrate into our pores and deeper layers of the skin, effectively removing all free radicals and impurities. As a result, this process slows down the rate of skin oxidation. This outlet is specifically designed with women, who make up 90% of their clientele, in mind, considering the diverse roles they play in their lives and is proud to offer family-friendly services. From a serene sanctuary for relaxation to a family-friendly space, this outlet is thoughtfully designed to accommodate the needs of women, children, and the elderly alike.

This new outlet has 4 single rooms, 2 couple rooms, 4 Sauna & Hydrogen Healing Spa rooms and 1 salt room.

Key features and benefits of this outlet include:

Exclusive Spa Services: MIMONE is the first spa in Malaysia to offer Hydrogen Healing spa and the only spa in Klang Valley to offer Halotherapy in the salt room.

Inclusive Design with a Focus on Human Senses:

The outlet features minimal colour with round edges to create a visually calming environment, promoting relaxation and tranquillity.

Relaxing songs creating an auditory escape from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

The signature scent of MIMONE provides a soothing overall experience.

Soft and round edges in the design ensure a comfortable environment, promoting a sense of physical ease.

Post-massage, patrons are offered nutritious drinks, appealing to the sense of taste and contributing to overall well-being.

Family-Friendly Services: MIMONE's commitment to family wellness is evident in the thoughtful design and the inclusion of services such as Hydrogen Healing Spa & Halotherapy that are suitable for all age groups.

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This new outlet marks MIMONE's dedication to providing a comprehensive range of wellness treatments and services, encouraging customers to feel good and, in turn, do good for their world. To experience the transformative benefits and explore MIMONE's offerings, visit the new outlet at TRION @ KL unit G-09.

In conjunction with this outlet launch, MIMONE has introduced a range of new services and products tailored for the auspicious Lunar New Year.

Prosperity Spa Service: 90-minute service that include 30-minute Gold Foil Back Scrub and 60-minute Prosperity Premium Aromatherapy GOLD FOIL BACK SCRUB: An experience designed to scrub away the impurities and dead skin cells of the past year, symbolising a fresh start. The infusion of gold foil aims to enhance positive energy, inviting good luck and prosperity into the new year. PROSPERITY PREMIUM AROMATHERAPY: Thoughtfully curated with luxurious blend of aromas for luck and wealth such as sandalwood, petitgrain, lemon and more, symbolising a transform of your persona aura, shift towards luck and wealth, inviting positive energies and good fortune into your life.


SHINE: Session wraps up with a complimentary SHINE Shimmering Spray, ensuring you radiate brilliance throughout the year. Special Price: RM199

Product 1: PROSPERITY Essential Oil Roll On (10ml) Main benefit: LUCK MAGNET Brings abundant feelings of health, wealth, happiness, relaxation of mind, empowering, uplifting, promotes positive attitude, balances emotions.

Great for business fortune and personal luck as you attract positive aura and energy.

Product 2: SHINE Shimmering Spray (60ml) Main benefit: TRANSFORM YOUR AURA A radiant infusion of natural essential oils designed for an instant glow-up. Elevate your senses with the enchanting aromas of Sweet Almond Oil, Petitgrain Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Lemon Oil, and the added touch of nourishing Vitamin E. The subtle luminosity of Glow Glitter completes this indulgent formula, creating a harmonious blend that's perfect for any occasion. Let this be your go-to product for that instant mood booster, let this little shimmer to transform your aura and boost your confidence to go through the day!

Combine both products to get a bundle price of RM99

About MIMONE: MIMONE is a spa & wellness brand founded in 2018 by Debbie Yap and Cindy Kok. Introducing its first spa in 2020, the brand is now thriving with seven locations across Malaysia, MIMONE is guided by the vision of "Shaping the Wellness Standard, Elevating Lifestyle Excellence." The brand's tagline, "MIMONE, Where Your Journey Begins. Feel Good, Do Good." encapsulates their commitment to being the starting point for individuals on a path to enhanced well-being.