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Care for Breast: MIMONE Spa & Neubodi's Empowering Collaboration

Oct 16,2023 | MIMONE

Breast health is an essential aspect of every woman's well-being. Ensuring that you take good care of your breasts not only promotes physical health but also empowers self-confidence and comfort.

MIMONE Spa and Neubodi, a renowned bra brand, have joined forces to bring you a unique and holistic approach to breast care. In this special collaboration, they offer a 60-minute Lymphatic Breast Massage and a Neubodi TRUENAKED Bra at an incredible price, making it easier than ever for you to invest in your breast health.


The Importance of Breast Care
Breast health should be a priority for every woman. Not only do well-supported and well-fitted bras contribute to comfort and posture, but breast care also includes promoting lymphatic circulation, which can reduce the risk of breast-related health issues. The Lymphatic Breast Massage provided by MIMONE Spa is specifically designed to support this aspect of breast health.


The Lymphatic Breast Massage
MIMONE Spa is known for its expertise in relaxation and rejuvenation. In their 60-minute Lymphatic Breast Massage, you'll experience a carefully tailored massage technique that focuses on stimulating lymphatic flow in the breast area. The benefits of this massage include:


Improved Lymphatic Circulation
The massage aids in the drainage of toxins and waste products from the breast tissue, reducing the risk of inflammation and discomfort.

Enhanced Breast Health
Regular lymphatic breast massages can contribute to overall breast health, reducing the risk of conditions like mastitis, cysts, and other breast-related concerns.

Increased Comfort
This specialized massage can help alleviate breast tenderness and soreness, promoting a sense of relaxation and well-being.

The Neubodi TRUENAKED Bra
Neubodi, a well-known bra brand, understands the importance of a well-fitted and comfortable bra. With their TRUENAKED Bra, you can experience the following benefits:


Comfortable Support
The TRUENAKED Bra is designed to provide optimum support without sacrificing comfort. It's crafted with high-quality materials and an ergonomic design.

Natural Shape
Neubodi's bras are designed to enhance your natural shape, providing a flattering and confident look.

This bra is suitable for everyday wear, ensuring that you're supported and comfortable throughout your daily activities.


The Exclusive Offer
In this exciting collaboration, you can enjoy a 60-minute Lymphatic Breast Massage from MIMONE Spa and receive a Neubodi TRUENAKED Bra, all for just RM198. This exclusive offer allows you to invest in your breast health while also treating yourself to a well-fitted and comfortable bra. The total value of the package is RM347, giving you significant savings and benefits.