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Maternity Massage

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Are you experiencing aches and pains during pregnancy?

Pressure Level: SOFT - MEDIUM

(IMPORTANT: We only accept 4 months pregnancy and onwards. We may require you to present relevant documents to prove it.)

Here's what you can expect:
Gentle massage on your head, neck, shoulder, back and arms.

Experience the Bliss of Prenatal Massage


Ease aches and pains with soothing touch

Recharge your mind and body for a tranquil pregnancy

Promoting health for both Mom and Baby

  • Debloat Legs

    Our skilled therapists use gentle, soothing strokes to reduce swelling and discomfort in your legs, providing relief from the common discomfort of pregnancy-related fluid retention

  • Tension on Thighs

    Experience tension melt away as our expert practitioners target and alleviate tightness in your thigh muscles, promoting comfort and relaxation throughout your pregnancy journey

  • Increase Blood Flow on Arms

    Through specialized techniques, we enhance circulation in your arms, reducing the likelihood of swelling and discomfort while promoting a sense of rejuvenation for your upper body

  • Head and neck

    Enjoy a calming massage for your head and neck, designed to relieve stress, tension, and headaches often experienced during pregnancy, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.